I am a landscape designer in the western suburbs of Chicago.  I have been growing my career at EverGreen Landscape Associates for 6.5 years.  Previous to my work at EverGreen, I worked at two different nurseries where I took care of customers and plants alike.  I love teaching about plants and design and helping to inspire ideas of how to turn an ordinary yard into something beautiful.  Outside of my career, I enjoy working on my 90 year old home with my husband and anyone willing to teach the two of us how to actually construct the changes we dream up in our minds.  I also enjoy working out and getting any opportunity to bike the Fox River bike trails that run by our house.  Since I don’t always get the chance to care for the gardens I create, I do that at my own home.  I love to prune with Felco pruners, a lost art, and pull weeds.  To get away from it all, I love to travel and take quick weekend trips to sample the various midwest wineries with my husband and wine buddies!  My favorite quote at the moment is “I love everything that’s old.  Old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old wines…” -Oliver Goldsmith


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