Artistic Possibilities

Framed photos on the wall, a handmade throw on a leather chair, knick knacks from a local shop purchased during a weekend away.  How do you make your house a home?    Personal touches don’t have to stop with the inside of the house.  A well placed accent used as a focal feature in the landscape can take many forms.  It may be inspirations from a well-traveled garden, a memento that morphs from one purpose to another, or a piece of art created by a friend.  These splashes of interest draw your eye around the yard and in doing so, paints a picture of the people who live there.

photo credit: Allan Mandell via Fine Gardening Magazine

This mosaic is designed to look like a persian carpet.  I found many similar designs used in the walkways of the palace gardens I visited in Spain last year.  I even joked at the amount of labor hours it would take a crew to do something like this.  I love the uniqueness in this design and how it give this garden an exotic flair.

Though I didn’t snap a picture at the time, here is an example of a wine bottle Tiki Torch.  A client I had about 5 years ago had a similar display.  She used pieces of rebar to mount different sizes, colors, and shapes of bottles at various heights. I appreciate it more now that my husband and I have gotten into wine.  This display has the potential to look a little messy, but it can work if done in the right scale, in the right backyard.  Perfect for a summer wine party.

Kathy Edgecombe

Something old turned into something new is the inspiration behind this piece of garden art. The artist, Kathy Edgecombe, learned her technique during an art class at River Art Studio in Algonquin, IL .  This piece was used in her own garden, a story to tell every time she invites guests to join her in her backyard.

Becca LaBarre

This whimsical swing was designed on-site along side one of my clients’ pond.  I wish I could still remember the artist’s name, but this swing fits the home perfectly, as it is an early american style farm-house. Most of the hardscape is flagstone and a lot of unique garden art dots the property, including a family of sheep made out of sheet metal and shipped from New Zealand.