It’s Always Sunny in San Diego

It’s about that time of year for spring fever.  The annual dose of sun known as Spring Break  to the under 21 crowd and what I like to call “the calm before the storm” brought me to San Diego for a long weekend with my husband.  The goal was to get as south as possible on a budget and since I had been once before on a work trip and was not able to enjoy the sites, I got some redemption, took some plant pictures, and checked whale watching off my lists of things I’ve always wanted to do.  Here are a few of the pictures of the horticultural variety to help satisfy your need for spring.

My favorite stop was Balboa Park, which had more gardens than we had time to view in the waning hours of the afternoon.

Becca LaBarre

Becca LaBarre

This is the Alcazar Garden of which this tree provides the focal feature.  The maze of boxwoods are familiar in this formal garden reminiscent of a Spanish palace garden.

Becca LaBarre

Becca LaBarre

The center garden planting is a welcome spot of color while in Illinois there is nothing, but brown and white as far as the eye can see.  This was also a very popular picture spot for the many wedding and Quinceanera parties on a busy saturday.

Becca LaBarre

Becca LaBarre

Artistic tree roots on a slope.  One of many in a grove overlooking some walking paths for easy strolling.

Becca LaBarre

Becca LaBarre

Rhododendrons in bloom in February, well worth the trip!


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