Getting to Know You

Though I spent the weekend in a hotel ballroom with hundreds of other vendors, I was happy to speak with some very interesting people as they came through the “New House, Old House” homeshow at Pheasant Run Resort In St. Charles.  I met people sprucing up their vintage homes, moving to the area from other parts of the country, making updates to their childhood homes, or brand new homeowners excited for their first fixer upper project.

The show reminded me how much I’ve enjoyed getting to know my clients over the years.  From a client who would tell me about his days growing up in North Carolina, to one whose father who had a sparkling wine named after him, the world is never short on interesting people.  The life experiences of my clients help me to understand their lifestyles and how their landscape project can be an extension of that lifestyle.  For an active family with a big backyard, it might be necessary to leave room for two soccer nets, or minimize perennial plantings for the busy couple who do not have time to care for them.

The homeshow has brought us great potential this late winter when we are normally still digging ourselves out.  We met several people beginning their own custom home projects, an ambition we haven’t seen in years.  Here’s to a positive start to our season, and getting to know many more interesting clients.  I can’t wait to help put their personal stamp on their projects.  Oh, and check out our cool, swanky, new booth below.  We’ve really stepped up the professionalism.

Bob Stell

Bob Stell

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