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The christmas cookies are still fresh and a few more cheers are left to be said.  Does that mean that we are not yet ready to dream of spring during the long winter days ahead?  Perhaps it does.  If you are a year round landscape enthusiast and never tire of a beautiful scenery to view, here are a few more landscape blogs to check out that I have enjoyed reading this last year.

Becca LaBarre

Becca LaBarre

Miss Rumphius’ Rules is written by Susan Cohen a landscape designer who also owns her own company and founder of leaf magazine.  Her blog focuses on landscape design and pulls together a lot of visuals that help inspire and showcase her style.

Chicago Garden is a blog that focuses on..well…Chicago and events surrounding gardening in this area.  For example, right now there are links for the Lincoln Park Zoolights.  Previous topics have included tours of local garden centers, events at the Lurie Gardens, garden walks around Chicago and much more.

Dirt Simple | Gardening and Landscape Blog by Deborah Silver focuses on all the small details of garden design.  The abundance of pictures is a great idea generator.  I especially enjoy some of the decorations that are featured to highlight the writers second business, Detroit Garden Works, a shop devoted to unique metal and various other types of garden decor both new and vintage.


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