October Sky

Before I get the words of Californian Dreamin’ by the Mamas and the Papas stuck in my head and all I can think about is how safe and warm I would be in LA during the long days of January and February in Chicago, I am first feeling very lucky to have a Illinois mailing address during the month of October.  This last week, I find myself driving with my eyes to the sky.  Most notably, yesterday with a crisp blue sky, I spotted this row of incredible crimson at Wilson’s Landscape Supply.

Becca LaBarre

The fall color ups the ante at a nursery with row after row of the same tree all ablaze at the same time.  These Autumn Blaze Maples are in full color now, but I’ve seen some that haven’t quite completely colored yet, while some of the actual red maples appear to be already past their prime.

This entire season has been marked with extremes.  Like a San Diego 4th of July firework display the flowers burst forth with all of April May and some of June’s buds opening all at once and now the same seems to be happening with the fall leaves as well.  There have been many years when there are several weeks between early fall favorites like the Ash trees in Late September (pictured below) and the years finally ending with Ornamental Pears in November.  This year the pears are already showing at least 25% fall color in some cases while the yellow foliage of the ash trees peaked late last week and the Autumn Purple Ashes are in the middle of their best color.  When I say best, I mean almost glowing.  Incredible!

Becca LaBarre

If you want to check out one of the most awesome neighborhoods for fall, check out the Sanctuary of Bull Valley, in Bull Valley, IL.  The houses are dotted among an Oak Savannah.  One of EverGreen Landscapes clients lives backing to a field of switchgrass, and big and little bluestem grasses.  Check out this fall smorgasbord view out of the back of the house.  I wouldn’t mind waking up to this on an October morning.

Becca LaBarre

Here are few other beauties I’ve seen so far this week….

Becca LaBarre

Above is a grouping of Sugar Maples.

Becca LaBarre

Not all perennials shrivel up and turn brown right away.  This balloon flower makes an impressive display next to the Russian Sage still in flower behind it.

Becca LaBarre

The above picture is Honeylocust in full yellow color. I’ve seen a large variance in these from those that just have a little yellow to some that look as though they may lose most of their leaves next time the wind blows.

Keep your eyes to the skies this October…Fall is Here!




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