Water Works in Any Size

Back in college I introduced the concept of a “water feature” to my then boyfriend when I gave him a small fountain to adorn his desktop at his college apartment.  In turn, he would use the term “water feature” in several conversations with friends when referring to the gift.  Apparently, no one had ever heard of a water feature before, and found it quite hilarious that he insisted on this definition.  Perhaps it was because they were 18-year-old kids, or hadn’t yet met me, the aspiring landscape designer, but I am happy to say that if I asked any one of them, they would be able to identify one, and I hope, the benefits to having one in their lives.

I love the idea of running water as part of a landscape and since then have had several small (and large) features play a role in my life.  The first of course being the Bed Bath and Beyond version that my husband still has somewhere.  Though only a table top size, still hold the same benefits of their larger counterparts.  The sound of water blocks out unwanted noise, and replaces it with soothing sounds.  It can create a focal feature that can draw the eye around the landscape (or room), and depending on the type, can attract wildlife.

Becca LaBarre

My second water feature purchase (above).  This was a decoration for our new home.  The Wave Fountain as it is called, is copper, and the forces (a physics lesson I don’t totally remember) make the water adhere to fountain without splashing.


The pond-less feature and surrounding landscape (below) turned out to be one of the coolest little features that I get to enjoy regularly along with the hot tub nearby, as it belongs to my in-laws.  The pond-less feature is sans fish, but the concept is that the waterfall plummets to a void under the ground made up of what looks a lot of like milk crates surrounded by a pond liner to keep the water in.  It then gets recycled to the top.  Its a space saver for smaller gardens, but has all the perks of a bigger pond without fish.

Becca LaBarre

Becca LaBarre

This is the third feature I purchased or rather it was a birthday gift from my husband and installed by EverGreen Landscape.  I was able to see first hand the amazing system that Aquabella Designs out of Harpers Ferry, WV has to offer.  The pump sizes are much larger than you can buy at a box store and they are oversized appropriately for features that use a vase as the actual feature.  Since there is more surface area using pottery than a fountain that pushes the water out of a small hole, the pump must be much larger than needed to get the splash and sound desired.  Also, a connection kit can be added with all the needed pieces to connect the pump and feature together.  It makes it much easier than a la carte purchases of pvc connectors and the quick release valves on the hoses are a huge help when winterizing the feature.  I have also had excellent customer service and dealt with knowledgable staff on several purchases for clients and myself.

P. Goodreau

This is my latest done for a client.  I have done several, but this one turned out particularly well.  The glazed pottery catches the light and the eye of many a passerby.  The height on the feature allows for a lot of splash that increases the noise.  It happens to be in the backyard of a client who lives along a walking trail and so many neighbors have also enjoyed.  The client added a remote control to turn the feature on and off from the house or upper deck.  A feature that will always remind me of working with wonderful clients!


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