Go Green and Clutter Free

Greening up the world or least the average Chicago suburban home can be done with permeable pavers, rain harvest systems, organic fertilizers, and addition of oxygen producing trees.  I’ve been given the opportunity to participate in another way help the average homeowner gain green points and get rid of some junk as well.

As a part of a networking group through BNI, I have met a ton of great go-getters that have   endless ideas to help market themselves, their businesses and use their talents to give back to the communities in which we work.  A month ago, I was able to tag along for the first ever E-Recycle event put on conjointly with QCi restoration and Future Link IT.  Sheila Malchiodi, Marketing Specialist for QCi restoration began the brainstorm which eventually became a truck full of electronics provided by homeowners of the Thornwood Subdivision in South Elgin, IL.

The recycling of a huge number of electronics was free to Thornwood residents.  All they had to do was drive up and drop off their items.  We even had a few able-bodied QCi employees to load the trucks full.  I’m not kidding, they were filled to capacity.  All donations were used to support the ReStore in Downtown Elgin, which is a part of Habitat for Humanity.

Becca LaBarre

Becca LaBarre

Above are tube TV’s as far as the eye can see.  They were quite the popular item because it is illegal to throw out a tube television due to their environmental impact and was a perfect example of why a free recycling event is not only a great community service, but environmental service as well.

Our first event was so successful, we’ve decided to do another.  This time, in downtown Elgin, IL at the Harvest Market located on the corners of Kimball and Grove.  The market is held every thursday, but our Elgin’s eWaste Recycle Event will be held Thursday August 2nd, from 2-6pm.  The event will be sponsored by EverGreen Landscape, QCi restoration, Future Link IT, and ProShred  If you haven’t checked out the Harvest Market, our next event would be a great way to clean out the basement, support local green businesses, and shop organic.  Feeling good about yourself yet, just thinking about it?

Sheila Malchiodi

Here is Chris Higgins of Future Link IT after our first electronic recycling event.  Chris aided our participants in removing their hard drives in donated computers to allow safe and secure disposal.

Please join us for this free recycling event.  We’ve taken the work out of getting rid of your electronic clutter.  Come support Habitat for Humanity and downtown Elgin!



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