Fastest Way to a Good Design is a Straight Line

Maybe spending time outside on a new paver patio seems less than appealing at this point in July.  It is a great time to consider doing a project that doesn’t include watering.  When I begin to design a patio space there are quite a lot to think about besides just what shape it might be, but it tends to be the most often thought about.  It is also most common to hear that my clients want a curved patio to make it more interesting.  That might seem true on first look, but don’t discount the simplicity and beauty of using good old geometry to make a patio space work.  It creates “nooks and crannies” to hide views and create rooms,  and the lines work well with the lines on the house.  Check out a couple patio designs that utilize geometric themes.

Becca LaBarre

Extra linear shaped plant spaces allow for breaks in the patio to clearly define the different  rooms and their purposes.

Becca LaBarre

A fire pit can be geometric instead of circular.  When done with concrete block, circular fire pits have to be a certain radius to allow for the block to be cut into a circle.  This isn’t an issue with a square shape.

Becca LaBarre

Geometric lines on this patio work well with the sunken hot tub.

Becca LaBarre

And lastly, it does work well on walkways too.  The client was a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright and wanted to match a more modern prairie design with the rest of the house.  The path jogs every few feet to give some visual interest.


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