Just One of Our Guys

I was reminded this week by more than one of my clients just how awesome our construction crew workers are.  We have our father and son duo that work as a well oiled machine.  We have a great group of young guys that have made many strides in the last few years to be great leaders.  They make my job easier when they leave the job site in tip-top condition, they spend time thinking about the most efficient way to do a job, or ask the questions that make sure the project is completed the way the client intended.

Both clients this week were more than generous with their comments.  Our crews work hard with hardly a break in the heat, which has been particularly true these last few weeks.  They plan ahead on how they execute a project.  They let me know of changes so I can inform the client ahead of time.  One of our clients mentioned just how great it was not to be “surprised” by anything and how appreciative she was of the communication. The other client had mentioned just how much of a perfectionist our crew leader was and meticulous in his work.

Becca LaBarre

Here’s one of the crews working at my house on a project we did four years ago.

This pic was snapped by a client as the crew was working on their house.  He sent it to me in an email titled “Three Good Guys”.   They do smile on occasion…I promise!

Becca LaBarre

Here is one of our crew leaders planting some new Annabelle Hydrangeas.  Our other crew member wasn’t far behind trying to keep up on the watering during the sweltering heat.  We are currently working on a beautiful Lake in Antioch.

Becca LaBarre

Our driver is helping to clear some sod and create a berm at the same time.  This was during lunch, while the rest of us took a few minutes to eat.

I know I couldn’t do this job without the crew guys, not only for the obvious reason of the fact that I don’t have the skills to build a patio in the heat, with speed and agility.  That does bring up a good point of how hard their job can be.  Here’s to great co-workers!


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