Party Patio: Spotlight On a New Project

Sometimes a backyard transformation can take place with a specific goal in mind.  This latest completed job by EverGreen Landscape was designed to accommodate one very special occasion.  The homeowner has made several additions to the landscape over the years that all seemed to revolve around various special milestones her daughter achieved.  This last one, a party to celebrate the end of many hardworking years in law school, was no different.  Check out this patio.

Becca LaBarre

The space is designed to allow a small table, a few lounge chairs and the grill and big enough to allow a larger party of people if necessary.  The existing red maple was incorporated into a larger planting space.

Becca LaBarre

Here is an example of using old and new together.  The client had existing recycled street pavers made by Purington set aside from a walkway that had been taken out years before.  The interior paver is a Belgard product called Dublin Cobble.  The street paver is a bit unconventional for using as the only paver in a patio because the uneven surface makes it difficult for furniture.  As a border, it makes a nice contrast.  I often use existing pavers on a property and find unique ways to make them blend with the new application.  Using them as a banding or inlay is a perfect example.

Becca LaBarre

The focal piece seen here is an old piece of iron work that was existing on property.  The bed in this picture breaks up the two spaces of the patio and is centered on the bay window of the kitchen.  This allows the homeowners to look out on the focal features of the space.  The clematis vine on the iron work will provide a stunning purple backdrop when in bloom.

Becca LaBarre

In the far back space is a secondary, more informal space.  The material is also reused from the existing home.  Lovingly, nicknamed the rabbit patio, which is the shape it resembled from the upper windows of the home, it now takes on a more irregular, circular shape. It is meant for a more intimate space for reading or relaxing and connects to the far back yard.  The client has a handmade bench that belongs on the patio and has a lot of sentimental value.

Becca LaBarre

Happy graduation to my Downer’s Grove client and good luck on the Bar.  I hope a lounge chair on your new patio will be a great place to study!


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