Before and After: The Entertainer Part II

A great entertainer needs a home with a great kitchen.  My best entertainer friends have this feature at their disposal.  Jere redesigned his kitchen to flow better for his quarterly soirees.  Sarah has ample room to expand her table space, and gadgets galore to fill her shelves for easy prep.

A great entertainer also needs a great backyard.  The following clients’ yard combined multiple element of outdoor entertaining, so friends and family will be swept up in the experience of relaxation and dine on food and good conversation.

Becca LaBarre

Becca LaBarre

Becca LaBarre

The backyard was a clean slate.  Aside from the much coveted screened in porch, the possibilities were infinite.  Many winter saturday discussion sessions went into finding a place for the grill, and outdoor fireplace, adding the element of water and screening the area for privacy using a ton of perennials for color, and making the space accessible from the driveway.

Becca LaBarre

Becca LaBarre

Becca LaBarre

Wide natural stone stairs descend visitors from the driveway to the backyard and stepping stones imbedded in the grass create a rustic path to signal the way to the entertainment space.  The barbecue has its own space directly next to the steps off the upper deck allowing for easy access.  A table space with room for eight separates from the relaxing fireside furniture by a one foot planting space of creeping thyme.  The extra green adds a unique touch while adding definition and breaks up the hardscape.  The entire patio design is on an angle to utilize the view of the pond beyond the fireplace and the screening around the yard leaves that view uninhibited while maximizing coverage elsewhere.  Lastly the pondless waterfall remains a focal point directly inline with the main walking space and the berm it creates adds coverage and a cozy feel.

Everything at the entertainer’s fingertips allows them to enjoy along with their guests.  Like all great kitchen spaces…add friends and enjoy!


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