A Pictures Worth a Thousand Views

The final touch of a photograph or painting is the frame.  The color and style are often chosen to compliment the room or setting they are displayed in.   The frame of a landscape view can be the oversized living room window, a garden gate, an arbor, or a screen of plants placed to hide the landscape until the viewer walks around the corner at just the right moment. The way a landscape is framed can make it look different from different angles. Check out a few awesome frames that might just change your view.

Becca LaBarre

This window cut out of a hemlock hedge is part of the gardens at Chicago Botanic Gardens.  This frame blocks out the rest of the garden to focus on a single element like this urn.  Without the frame, and with the busyness of the rest of the garden the viewer may not notice it.

Becca LaBarre

Extra formality at Cantigny Gardens frames this view.  The lines of the rectangular pool draws the eye to the farthest location.  It was probably unintentional, but look at the tree turning orange.  Would it be as spectacular if it was on the edge of the frame?

Becca LaBarre

The water feature is in line with the narrow breezeway and gives the eye something to look at when walking to the backyard.

Becca LaBarre

The summer palace at the Alhambra in Spain is no stranger to framing a view.  Many courts, rooms, and windows all are characterized by arched doorways.  Think that’s not applicable to real life?  An arbor over the entrance to a garden can be the frame that fits in line with our backyards, unless of course you live in a palace.

Becca LaBarre

The gardens at Chataeu St. Jean in Sonoma, California have a ton of nooks and crannies and each garden is a room.  The designer carefully framed the views with several vine adorned walls creating mystery around every corner.

Bob Stell

This idea of using plants to hide the view beyond is done often by my boss. This project shows how any backyard can build mystery around every turn to add interest as the landscape unfolds.


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