Deck the Halls with Holiday Planters

It’s December 6th. Do you know where your level of holiday readiness is? With the unofficial kick off to the holiday season a week and a half past, its easy to worry that there is much to do and little time to do it.

If you wish those strands of twinkling lights would string themselves, here’s a few holiday decorations that make a big impression using a lot of what you already have.  These next few pictures are some holiday decorations done by two of my co-workers for clients of EverGreen Landscape Associates.

photo credit: mickey bittenbender

Mixed evergreens using white pine, blue spruce, serbian spruce, and boxwood. I especially like the use of dried hydrangeas. Another idea is to harvest the hydrangeas in the Fall when they still have some color.

photo credit: kelly potts

Look what can be done using your existing planters, some left over greens from your live christmas tree, or evergreen trimmings from your own backyard.  Check out the red ornaments.

photo credit: kelly potts

Spruce tops can be purchased to give some height to your planters and for volume. It also makes a great shape to adorn with twinkle lights for an evening display.

So if you feel like the clock is ticking a little too fast, winterize your existing planters holiday style.  You can put off lugging it to the garage and deck out the stoop instead of the halls.


2 thoughts on “Deck the Halls with Holiday Planters

  1. Those are awesome containers indeed! I wish I had talent with containers but don’t at all. The ones with the nandina berries are very nice though.

    Thank you for asking if you could include my picture of wine bottles but I do not allow my pictures to be posted by others. You may however link to the post with the picture if you like. It’s up to you. Thanks again for asking first. tina

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