New Inspirations

As a former high school yearbook editor, I’ve not made much time in the last 10 years to scribble my thoughts, record my adventures, or pen any sort of epic tale.  For a person who once contemplated journalism as a career avenue, I certainly never expected to hang up my hat on writing the minute we mailed that last page to our production company.

Somehow, after two summers playing in the dirt for my first real job at the Natural Garden in St. Charles, I found a new passion.  And aside from a mishap in the seventh grade upon which I tried to grow my own impatiens via grow light, a lesson in acclimatization gone wrong, I knew I had found my niche.

I’ve had tons more opportunities to play in the dirt in the last 10 years, and to design some spaces that allow my clients to enjoy their own stamp of land.  I hope this blog becomes the beginning of many new things.  A new method of inspiration, a new way to teach what I love, and a new way to throw my hat back in the ring and meld two passions together.


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